Our Identity

Ergoprolipsis is a private company active in providing External Protective and Preventive Services. Since its inception in 2002, Ergoprolipsis offers risk management consulting services of premium quality in the fields of Occupational Safety and Health and Environment.

Today, after two decades of an ongoing course of development, the company’s headquarters are located in Crete, yet its outreach extends to Greece, Cyprus, the wider Balkan as well as the Eastern Mediterranean. ErgoProlipsis has a strategic location as the top choice partner of many leading brands in the constructive industry as well as many other professional fields regarding Occupational Health and Safety.

Utilising all the latest knowledge and technology, focusing on everlasting progress and with non-negotiable commitment to innovation and premium quality, the services that are offered by ErgoProlipsis are a benchmark in the field of occupational Health and Safety, having “zero accidents” as the primary objective in any occupational environment.

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