In this day and age, businesses have to work responsibly for the sake of their community and environment, creating thus added value towards all interested parties.

Here at ErgoProlipsis we ensure that all of our activities leave a positive footprint on society, environment and people, while at the same time we are committed to serve and promote the principles of sustainable development, recycling, circular economy and the values of ethical business.

Since guaranteeing occupational health and safety is now an integral part of ESG strategy (Environmental-Social-Governance), Ergorpolispsis provides counselling to its customers on how to become “ESG ready” while we adjust our mode of operation according to ESG regulations and principles.


We give priority to responsible environmental management, and we commit ourseleves to keep improving our environmental performance, while at the same time we make every effort to adopt and implement the most effective practices that help reduce our carbon footprint. One of our most important priorities is certification of environmental performance based on the international standard ISO 14001.


ErgoProlipsis is an integral part of the society in which operates. We stand responsibly next to local communities, and we are maintaining a constant dialogue with local authorities as well as the civil society. It goes without saying that we feel compelled to contribute and support vulnerable social groups, which is why we plan and carry out corporate social responsibility actions and initiatives, while  offering financial or any other kind of support in accord with our capabilities.


For ErgoProlipsis adopting and implementing a system of rules that ensures good governance is a strategic priority.  All internal operations as well as company procedures are governed by the principles of transparency, professional ethic, confidentiality, and responsibility. In relation to our people and our partners, we promote the universal values of equal opportunity, respect, and integration of diversity. We operate with pre-defined roles and responsibilities per post, based on a very specific administration chart which allows flexibility and encourages taking up initiatives. Furthermore, the company has ISO 9001 accreditation that ensures all internal procedures.