Today, businesses must operate responsibly towards society and the environment, creating value for all stakeholders.

At ErgoProlipsis, we ensure that all our activities leave a positive footprint on society, the environment, and people, and we are committed to serving and promoting the principles of sustainable development, recycling, circular economy, and ethical business values.

Ensuring occupational health and safety is now part of our ESG (Environmental – Social – Governance) strategy. In this context, ErgoProlipsis offers advice to its clients on how to become “ESG ready” while adapting our operations in accordance with ESG rules and principles.


We prioritize responsible environmental management and are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance while making every effort to adopt and implement best practices to reduce our environmental footprint continuously. The company’s immediate priorities include certifying its environmental performance with the international ISO 14001 system.


ErgoProlipsis feels like an integral part of the society in which it operates. We are responsible for local communities and constantly dialogue with local bodies and Civil Society. Considering it a self-evident obligation to contribute to the support of vulnerable social groups, we design and implement Corporate Social Responsibility actions and initiatives while offering financial or any other type of intervention to the extent of our power.


Adopting and implementing a system of good governance rules is a matter of course at ErgoProlipsis. The principles of transparency, professional ethics, confidentiality, and accountability govern all internal operations and corporate processes. We respect and promote the universal values of equal opportunities, respect, and inclusion of diversity. We operate with predefined responsibilities per job based on a clear management organization chart, which allows flexibility and encourages initiative. In addition, the company is ISO 9001 certified to ensure its internal processes.