Employee Consulting Support

Employee Consulting Support

In a world characterized by ever-increasing uncertainty and rapid changes, employees’ metal support is a modern necessity. Taking into account that human resources are the cornerstone of every business, the psychological empowerment of employees can have multiple benefits both for employees and for businesses.


  • Improvement of individual performance and increase of corporate efficiency
  • Improvement of relations among colleagues
  • Promotion of a positive employment environment
  • Effectiveness in achieving professional goals and projects implementation
  • Mental resilience to unexpected events and organizational changes (e.g. Covid -19 pandemic, remote work, occupational accident, workplace abuse, etc.)
  • Support of employees to meet the requirements of the position they hold (leadership, judgment, conflict management, etc.)
  • Control of unnecessary absence
  • Support of new employees for more immediate and efficient adaptation to the work environment
  • Management of occupational stress, fear and anger
  • More effective motivation
  • Tackling procrastination
  • Personal and professional life balance
Employee Wellness

Employees’ mental support through individual sessions

The role of the Mental Health Consultant – Executive Coach in a business is to collaborate with active listening and a non-judgmental attitude in order to seek solutions to professional and personal issues. The most important thing for the development and enhancement of the individual’s productivity is the manifestation of emotions and, accordingly, the emotional discharge. Its positive results have an impact and create a company with feelings. Counseling support focuses on the solution and not on the problem itself and positively impacts personal development, the management of emotions (anger, fears, anxiety, etc.), the management of interpersonal relationships, and the achievement of professional and personal goals. There is also the option of implementing individual sessions, in person or online.

Group sessions & seminars

Group sessions and employee seminars on the following -indicative- topics can be organized:

  1. Strengthening and developing colleague relationships: interactive seminar on effective internal communication, teamwork and increase of productivity.
  2. Work stress: tips and methods to deal with work stress and stress control.
  3. Mental resilience: training in controlling emotions and managing contingencies.
  4. Positive thinking: ways and tips to treat every challenge as an opportunity and not as an obstacle to growth with the goal of a new mindset in business.
  5. Personal development: lecture on the benefits and value of internal development.
  6. Procrastination: interactive seminar on the causes of procrastination and ways to tackle it effectively.
  7. Wellness and family wellness: seminar on how to build a pleasant atmosphere at work and in the family, since personal life affects professional life and vice versa.
  8. Boundary setting: workshop on setting boundaries in the workplace
  9. Bullying: ways to avoid, and manage bullying.
  10. Depression and reintegration: supporting workers with depression, addictions, bereavement or adjustment problems.

Tailor-made services

Depending on each businesses’ specific needs, it is possible to design and implement specialized and personalized employee mental support services which mitigate precisely each case. The management of employees’ psychological composition is very often not possible to standardize and varies on a case-by-case basis.

Our team

Employee mental support services are implemented by experienced executives of our company, under the guidance of Ms. Katerina Charitou, Mental Health Consultant. Ms. Katerina Charitou, holds university degrees in the fields of social studies and Psychology, with an internship at the Mental Health Center of Rethymnon (psychographs, incident analysis, etc.) and specializes in Counseling Psychology Additionally, she is accredited by the ICF, the world’s largest international organization with the title of Personal and Executive Coach. She holds extensive experience in online sessions as well as lectures and at the same time she has received training in Systemic (family) Counseling and Psychotherapy.