‘’…The safety and welfare of travellers should be a priority for travel providers, tourism accommodation providers and destination authorities….’’ ABTA Technical Guide

ErgoProlipsis having long experience in hospitality industry, can provide the following services

1. Occupational Safety Officer

The Security Technician will supervise working conditions at all facilities and in particular shall:

  • checks the safety of the premises and informs Management
  • regularly inspect working stations
  • propose and oversee the use of personal protective equipment
  • evaluates existing safety measures
  • proposes corrective measures to eliminate accidents


2. Risk Assessment

Recording and reducing risks in a hotel premises, apart from legislative obligation, is required by Tour Operators’ during HS audits. The benefits of implementing an OHS Risk assessment are

  • Recognise and control hazards in workplaces
  • Create awareness among employees
  • Set risk management standards, based on acceptable safe practices and legal requirements.
  • Reduce incidents in the workplace.
  • Save costs by being proactive instead of reactive.

At ErgoProlipsis every OHS Risk Assessment includes:

  1. an overview of the applicable legislation
  2. description of the activities per working station
  3. analysis of the sources of occupational risks
  4. list of occupational risks and quality assessment
  5. proposals for remedies to minimize risks
  6. guidelines for performing safe work at critical activities

3. Emergency Preparedness and Response

Every hotel should develop and implement an emergency plan for protecting employees, guests, contractors and anyone else in the facility.The development of an Emergency Plan is not only a legal requirement but also urgently requested by Tours Operators.

The Emergency Plan analyzes all necessary actions and responsibilities, and provides information for the evacuation process in the event of an emergency. Emergency response training, drills, and exercises reinforce incident response preparedness by working through a specific scenario. The scenario and exercise gives hotel an opportunity to practice effective implementation of their Emergency Response Plan. ErgoProlipsis  team can  direct and evaluate the response, and additionally conduct an after-action review, to improve the Emergency Preparedness Response Plan.

4. Evacuation plans

Evacuation Plans play a critical role in the safe evacuation and protection of everyone in a Hotel and should be available to every room, hallway, reception and public areas. By simply and effectively outlining the evacuation steps that need to be taken, the use of common, internationally recognized symbols and design, it is assured that the Evacuation Plans can be understood by all. That’s why in ErgoProlipsis  all Evacuation Plans are designed to meet requirements specified in ISO 23601.  In addition, their existence is a requirement of the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO) and are requested in all HS Audits.

5. OHS Training

The OHS training seminars, specially designed for hotels, focus on

  • Food and Beverages dept (chef, FB mng, cooks, waiters etc.),
  • Housekeeping dept.(ex. housekeeper, maids, valet, etc.),
  • Maintenance dept. (chief of maintenance, electricians, pumpers, gardeners, pool cleaners, etc.)
  • Front Office dept. (reception desk, PR, back office, reservations, etc.).

The contents of the seminars include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  1. Employee obligations, personal protective equipment and safety markings
  2. Investigation of hazardous situations and safety culture
  3. Requirements for fire safety, fire protection, evacuation and escape
  4. Manual Handling
  5. Warm surfaces, freezers and refrigerators
  6. Safety in the use of chemicals & LPG
  7. Safety in cleaning the room
  8. Safety in kitchen areas
  9. Safe work in engine rooms and swimming pools
  10. Safety of external workshops and contractors