All people working at Ergoprolipsis have three distinctive elements: Their work ethic, their dedication to producing high quality results and their extensive experience as well as expertise.

As the company offers “boutique-grade” services to a top-tier clientele, its team consists of some of the most highly skilled experts in the field of Occupational Health and Safety with accumulated and combined decade-long experience which has been attained after having successfully completed thousands of projects. The average age of the company’s employees is 43 years.

At the same time ErgoProlipsis adopts all contemporary models of corporate governance and implements equal opportunities policies.

High-level academic training and lifelong learning are some of the team’s main features. 95% of the company’s employees own at least one master’s degree, while 30% are holders of PhD.

Finally, Ergoprolipsis is a company that invests in its people. Having a low turn-over with regard to employees and partners, the average time of partnership between the employees and the company surpasses 8 years.

ErgoProlipsis’ executive team:

General Manager

Ioannis Aspirtakis

Director of Projects Dp

Ioannis Dimitrakis

Operational Director

Eva Orfanoudaki

Director of Construction Projects – H&S Dpt.

Nikolaos Karanikas

Manager of Safety Dpt

Ilias Spanakis

OHS Expert

George Vrachnakis

Head of the Damage Factor Measurements Department

Ilias Tsikalakis