The People of ErgoProlipsis

All people at the ErgoProlipsis team are distinguished by three elements:

  • Their work ethic,
  • Commitment to quality results and
  • Extensive experience and expertise.

The team comprises some of the most qualified executives in the Health and Safety services market, ensuring the delivery of tailor-made services to top-tier clients across critical sectors of the economy. Its executives have accumulated and combined experience of decades and thousands of projects, but also a modern outlook and culture, with an average age of 43.

In addition, the team’s high academic qualifications and continuous training are key features. 95% of the company’s human resources hold at least one postgraduate degree, while 30% hold a PhD.

At the same time, ErgoProlipsis adopts all modern corporate governance standards and applies equal opportunity policies. Most importantly, it invests in its people and their development. It consistently offers growth opportunities but also ensures continuous education and training – also through partnerships with research institutes – seeking to raise its level as a company with them constantly.

Lastly, the company ensures excellent working conditions where its associates feel safe and satisfied and have the opportunity to unleash their potential, skills and talent. The particularly low turnover of executives and partners, the average period of cooperation of executives with the company is more than 8 years, proves ErgoProlipsis‘ commitment in this field.

General Manager

Ioannis Aspirtakis

Director of Construction Projects – H&S Dpt.

Nikolaos Karanikas

Manager of Safety Dpt

Ilias Spanakis

Operational Director

Eva Orfanoudaki

OHS Expert

George Vrachnakis

Head of the Damage Factor Measurements Department

Ilias Tsikalakis