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What we do

We bring health and safety to the forefront of doing business.

Our primary objective is to provide integrated risk management services and occupational health and safety services.

Why we do it

Science and experience have taught us that healthy employees working in a safe workplace are more efficient and more effective, therefore they can create more added value.

We have a deep-seated belief that for a company to reach its full potential, to accomplish its mission and to generate value for all its stakeholders -including clients, employees, partners, shareholders, community- it has to ensure Its unimpeded operation. In modern times, the current working methods encapsulate the potential of many complex dangers in regard to health and safety of manpower as well as the integrity of the facilities

How we do it

Using our extensive experience, our proven expertise, our solid “know-how” and our commitment to principles and values.

ErgoProlipsis was founded by professionals who first and foremost recognise the value of human health and safety. Through deep scientific knowledge together with extensive training, from the very first moment they invested in promoting a culture of prevention, believing firmly that it is the most effective solution to creating a safe occupational environment.

  • Benchmarking.Using contemporary science data in addition to reliable technological solutions, coupled with our non-negotiable commitment to the principles of quality and innovation, we make sure that the concept of prevention can become a benchmark in our customers’ consciousness.
  • Cooperation.We cooperate with our clients so that they may achieve high levels of performance and to transforming issues regarding health and safety from a “compulsory compliance” with the law, into a strategic priority and culture covering the full spectrum of business activity.
  • Documentation.In this effort, record keeping and documentation play a pivotal role. We study all data and keep record of all potential dangers, we calculate risk and consequently, using our expertise, we provide targeted consulting support to our clients on how to minimise any potential dangers while maximizing levels of occupational health and safety.
  • Added value.We offer added value to our customers since apart from consultancy, we customize a “road map” so that they can achieve the optimum health and safety conditions possible concerning their facilities. This is proven by the company’s long-time partnerships with its clients, with the average duration of our partnerships exceeding five years.


However, the most important element, which acts as the focal point of our differentiation as well as our comparative advantage is our rigid persistence to prevention.

Through rigorous analysis of all possible scenarios and through modelling strict protocols, we assist businesses to prevent and to observe all necessary measures so that health and safety will not just be “wishful thinking” but a reality.

We proceed hand in hand with our clients from the first to the very last step of the “road map”. We “explore” every organization or business, their operating mode, any peculiarities of each line of business or facility. We study all integral procedures. We get to know the people. We listen to their stories and learn from their experiences. Then, we analyze all collected data and based on them we come up with and apply solutions that fit each business profile. Reducing risk and preventing danger lies at the heart of our work. Our top priority is prevention. Because for us, foreseeing danger and preventing risk is the ultimate challenge.


So Far We Have Succeeded

  • Experience in Security
  • Top Quality Services
  • Immediate Service

Ioannis Aspirtakis Presentation - ErgoProlipsis | 3rd Panhellenic Conference on H&A at Work | 10-11-2022

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